Surprising Covers

Every once in a while I’ll stumble across a completely unexpected cover of a song. Sometimes it’s instantly recognizable and sometimes it’s just a nagging feeling that the song is familiar, but it takes a while for it to click. And often the cover is as good as the original, perhaps better, but it’s always an original take.

I’ll not include what could almost be called “novelty” artists who have made careers of  putting their twist on other artists’ works. Groups like Hayseed Dixie, Dread Zeppelin, or Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, while certainly entertaining, aren’t really surprising.

Another Brick in the WallKeller and the Keels – Bluegrass seems to be a comfortable arena for covers from other styles, and Keller Williams and crew do Pink Floyd justice.

Little WingMonte Montgomery – Awesome cover of a Jimi Hendrix classic. Montgomery is an astounding guitarist. How does he ever make that ratty-assed guitar sound so good?

RoyalsPentatonix – Five inhumanly beautiful people with inhumanly beautiful voices covering Lorde’s hit.

Under PressureDavid Bowie and Annie Lennox – Filmed during the Freddie Mercury benefit at Wembley Stadium several years ago.

HurtJohnny Cash – Nine Inch Nails… Johnny Cash… ’nuff said.

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