Ben Miller Band

The Ben Miller Band is a blues, bluegrass, folk (they prefer “mudstomp”) group from Joplin Mo. Formed in 2005, they released their first album in 2010, opened for ZZ Top in 2013, and most recently released their newest album, “Choke Cherry Tree” just a couple of weeks ago.

Simultaneously old-school and innovative, these folks are awesome! I mean, electric spoons and a washtub bass with a wah-wah pedal, what’s not to like?

Introducing Ben Miller Band – A short video talks about the band. really interesting to hear what ZZ Top has to say about them.

Akira Kurasawa – From their recent album, the song that turned me on to the band.

One More Time – also from the new album.

The Outsider – Oh yeah.

Finally, a shout out to a friend from work who unknowingly gave me a psychic kick in the butt today, to start sharing music again. Thanks, Kat! Now… go dust off that guitar!

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